• Students need more to succeed in the 21st century.

    Entrepreneurial Education

  • Why EntreCamp

    From idea to project, and project to company. Done over 3 fun-filled days.


    We believe that the world's biggest problem is that there are not enough young people working on the world's biggest problems. And as the problems of the future become more complicated and complex, the next generation needs to command new knowledge, skills and attitudes to create lasting positive change.


    EntreCamp is a 3-day non-residential camp for aspiring student entrepreneurs interested in technology, start-ups and social enterprise. A skills-based and experiential camp, students will be brought through a series of hands-on activities to turn their ideas into projects, and their projects into companies.


    We trust that the youths of today stand a better chance at building their tomorrow when equipped with an entrepreneurial mind, and armed with a founder's spirit.


  • At EntreCamp

    We help young people to connect the dots going forwards, create lasting positive change, and in so doing, contribute to society and humanity.

    Real-World Exposure

    Develop 21st Century Competencies

    EntreCampers will get the opportunity to visit start-ups at their office, chat with tech co-founders, and be exposed to the cutting edge in science, technology and engineering trends. From augmented reality to artificial intelligence, drones to chat bots, students will gain an appreciation of what the future holds for them.

    Skills-Based Learning

    Acquire Technical & Transferable Competencies

    EntreCampers will pick-up transferable skills that can be applied to school, internships and beyond. This includes fundamentals such as designing a website or app, to intermediate skills such as creating a hardware or software prototype. To top it off, each cohort will pitch their start-up companies to a panel of entrepreneurs and investors as part of graduation.

    Network & Make New Friends

    Meet Practitioners & Role Models

    EntreCampers will meet fellow student entrepreneurs who are also interested in launching start-ups, and will get to collaborate on exciting projects as a team. Learning continues well beyond the camp, as students will automatically be a part of Reactor Ventures, a monthly meetup for alumni. Who knows, they might even meet their next co-founder here at EntreCamp.

  • Our Impact


    Teams mentored at international competitions.


    Local or international forums & presentations.


    Youth-led start-ups launched.


    Hours of high-impact training, and counting.

    > 2,000

    Youths impacted worldwide.


    The experience you'll have attending EntreCamp with friends.