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  • Testimonials From Our Alumni

    Louis Quah,

    SJI International School

    Tricia Chew,

    NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

  • Maegan Wang, Raffles Institution

    I learned to not be afraid to chase your dreams. You get these amazing opportunities to meet new and exciting people who pursued their dreams with such tenacity, and overcame failure with great resilience. The awesome thing about this programme is that while they teach you the fundamentals of starting and running a business, they also teach life lessons and inculcate you with values and qualities a business leader should have. If you are looking for an adventure, this is the enrichment for you.

    Kenji Loy, Temasek Polytechnic

    Entrecamp is catered to people who really have a passion or interest in the business industry. Based on my personal experience, it exposes you to different skill sets and real-life examples on the concept of being involved business. Furthermore, most of the activities are hands-on which enhances the learning. Although it is only a 3-day camp, it is an enriching experience for people who want to get a taste of how business actually works.


    Personally, I have been doing some business on my own such as selling different electronic products or even writing books to gain some connections. However, I needed some right directions to get to my end destination. Hence, I went to this camp which gave me the confidence and a clear vision of which pathway to take in the business industry.


    Therefore, I highly recommend it to people who have no idea where to start in a business aspect or even people who already are successful in some form of business. There is always more to learn and new beginnings that could lead us to even greater heights.

    Swetha, Anglo Chinese Junior College

    I learnt about the importance of networking as it will allow you to meet more people who will be willing to provide you with advice, assistance and even, opportunities. Moreover, I also learnt that passion and enthusiasm is key, not only in work, but in life as well. It keeps you focused and motivated and, ensures a positive work experience.

    Yong Xinhui, Raffles Institution

    I would recommend this programme because 1) we need more (students) to dare to /do/, to dare to carve out something for themselves 2) It's a great learning experience, in ways you've never imagined. Really.

    Mou Yan Qiao, Tampines Junior College

    Numerous people have attempted to start up, but failed as they do not completely understand what their target group/customer really desires. Hence to me, I have understood that the first most paramount and vital step is to have an in-depth understanding of what your customer really needs. Only after then will I be able to start and work on my project.


    I have also understood that we need to know how to research for our market size before narrowing it down to see if we can gain a

    profit out of our business or project since market size is important for how much profit I can gain.


    I have also gained a lot of motivation and inspiration from watching videos of how a young 14 year old boy can be a CEO and how a guy traded a paper clip into a house. I have learnt that age should not be a factor in determining success and also, I realised that

    I need to step out of my comfort zone as communication/interaction are really important if I want to become a CEO.

  • Testimonials From Industry Mentors

    Jeffery Sung, Senior Director at DBS

    I wish i had a program like Reactor EntreCamp to attend in my youth. I would have been exposed to the useful teachings of Lean Methodology, Agile and the likes… which are so essential in today’s digitally driven business world. I encourage parents of teenage children to send their children to this course to prepare them for the times ahead… or even help them become the next Zuckerberg!

    Raymond Wong, Lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic

    This Reactor EntreCamp is an extremely good programme that offers aspiring entrepreneurs of different ages to come together to spark creative problem identifications, solutions and business plans. It was impressive that the teams were able to work synergistically to solve problems, transforming their ideas into prototypes and churn out their business plans in sure a short time of three days.


    All the teams were full of energy, passionate and enthusiastic in pitching their business models. Kudos to the Reactor’s training methodology that must have accelerated the process from design thinking to business model proposals. Well done!!!!

    Clarice Sheng, Vice President at SMU Eagles Inc

    I was invited to Reactor’s Bootcamp at UWC Dover to seat in as part of the judging panel. As an undergraduate that holds much passion for entrepreneurship, it is heartening to see start-ups such as Reactor putting together workshops to introduce, share and encourage the path of entrepreneurship to the youths of Singapore.


    I was in awe of what the workshop attendees could come up with in a short span of 3 days - they had impressive market validations, prototypes, business strategies, revenue model, go-to-market strategies, something I knew i couldn’t produce back when I was a teenager. It’s wonderful to see how our youths are given more opportunities now to allow their creativity and imagination to run wild!