• EntreCamp Preview Day

    12 February 2017 at Raffles Institution

  • EntreCamp is a 3-day non-residential camp for aspiring student entrepreneurs interested in technology, start-ups and social enterprise. A skills-based and experiential camp, students will be brought through a series of hands-on activities to turn their ideas into projects, and their projects into companies.


    We see students developing their confidence to share their opinions, communication skills in discussions, and courage by putting themselves in front of a panel of industry mentors on the final day.


    Register yourself and your child for our upcoming EntreCamp Preview Day on 12 February 2017 for a glimpse of what happens at EntreCamp!

  • For Students: An Introductory EntreCamp Experience

    Realizing the Hustler, Hipster or Hacker in you


    We profile and measure the abilities of each of our students before each camp, to understand what makes them tick.


    Results can be shared with parents upon request!

    For Parents: Understanding The Methodology Behind Our Curriculum

    Our Methodology is tied to Singapore's Ministry of Education's (MOE) 21st Century Competencies Framework


    We want all our students to shine in school, and at their workplaces. These competencies that MOE have highlighted stresses core values in every child, from the perspective of a learner to a global citizen.


    Speak with our Head Trainer and the team, to understand more!

    Event Exclusives

    For every participant of the Preview Session, refreshments will be provided.


    For every EntreCamp registration completed, you will be entitled to:

    • A set of Reactor EntreCamp Merchandise worth $30
    • A rebate of the event $50 registration fee, to be discounted from your child's EntreCamp ticket

    Tickets and Registration

    For parents attending our EntreCamp Preview Day with your child, tickets are at SGD$50.

    For parents attending alone, tickets are at SGD$30.

    For students attending alone, tickets are at SGD$30.


    Refreshments will be provided.

    Ticket fees will be discounted on top of Early Bird price from the EntreCamp fees for registration at the Preview Day.


    To register, please fill up the registration form below.

  • Reserve your seat at Preview Day

    Choose from 2 sessions on 12 February 2017, Sunday at Raffles Institution, Year 5 Campus, Blue Room.

  • Have a question?

    Don't be afraid to reach out if you need more information.

    Mon-Sat 10am to 5pm
  • Our Testimonials

    Meagan Wang, Raffles Institution

    I learned to not be afraid to chase your dreams. You get these amazing opportunities to meet new and exciting people who pursued their dreams with such tenacity, and overcame failure with great resilience. The awesome thing about this programme is that while they teach you the fundamentals of starting and running a business, they also teach life lessons and inculcate you with values and qualities a business leader should have.